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Homeopathy Programs in Maine - ME

Homeopathy training in Maine introduces individuals to the discipline through an overview of its historical beginnings, an exploration of practices and principles in the field, and analyses of relevant materia medica.  As students continue their studies, they learn explore topics such as types of remedies, preparation techniques and symptomatology in-depth.  In addition, they examine concepts such as ethical practices and homeopathic law to learn more about the subject matter and to guide their work as practitioners.  To recognize how best textbook studies should be applied to real-world settings, homeopathic students learn how to gather and to analyze case study data so that they can effectively address and manage others’ health needs.

A clinical practicum is typically required at the completion of most training programs.  This experiential learning opportunity enables aspiring homeopathy specialists to demonstrate their understanding of the discipline through their work with patients.  Some may also participate in mentor activities, internships and volunteer opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and to complement their coursework.  In Maine, these kinds of hands-on learning experiences might be found in large cities, e.g., Portland, Bangor and Lewiston, with those who want to receive treatment care either outside of or in addition to traditional medical facilities like Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital.

Since homeopathic training is primarily offered online, instruction is delivered through Web-based lectures, tutorials, videos and discussions.  Some online colleges offer an undergraduate degree in alternative medicine while others offer diplomas and certificates.  Both may qualify individuals for certification in the field.  In addition, conferences, workshops and symposia on homeopathy provide opportunities for continuing learning among new and experienced professionals in the field.

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