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Homeopathy Programs in Maryland - MD

Homeopathy training in Maryland provides individuals historical, theoretical and practical perspectives of the field.  They trace the evolution of homeopathy from its beginnings to its modern-day application, review key principles of the discipline and analyze the relevant body of literature on the field.  In preparation for work in real-world settings, homeopathy students explore topics like preparation of homeopathic remedies and recognition and diagnosis of illnesses.  They also examine issues of the law and ethics to ensure that they comply with legal and widely accepted standards as practitioners.  To help them further understand what they will encounter when assisting patients, students review case studies that strengthen their abilities to interpret data.

Most homeopathy programs require students to complete a clinical experience near the completion of their studies.  The practicum enables them to apply what they have learned in the classroom to hands-on work with patients under the supervision of an experience homeopath.  In Maryland, these kinds of learning opportunities may be available in major cities like Baltimore, Ellicott City and Silver Spring where people may seek natural healing alternatives either in place of or in addition to treatment they can receive at renowned facilities like The John Hopkins Hospital and Franklin Square Hospital.

Online homeopathy training is made available through lectures, videos and independent studies.  A Bachelor of Science degree in the field is available as well as various diplomas and certificates.  After completing the required homeopathy training, individuals will be qualified to seek homeopathic certification to be recognized as experts. 

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