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Homeopathy Programs in Massachusetts - MA

Individuals are introduced to the history of homeopathy and to its contemporary applications when they enroll in homeopathy training in Massachusetts.  As they continue to pursue their studies, they acquire knowledge of materia medica, how to recognize and to treat ailments, and the kinds of homeopathic remedies that should be prepared to help others recover from illnesses.  They review case studies to deepen their research skills and to hone their abilities to comprehend quantitative and qualitative data.  Moreover, they learn about the legal and ethical issues of the field so that they are prepared to enter it in adherence to the highest occupational standards.

Most homeopathy training programs require individuals to complete practica that provide them opportunities to thoughtfully apply their textbook knowledge to treat patients in real-world settings.  These learning experiences are supervised by experienced homeopaths that provide guidance and counsel.  Some students may also engage in mentor and internship activities to complement their classes.  The major cities of Boston, Cambridge and Lowell may be ideal places for experiential learning where people may be interested in alternative healing methods outside of major medical facilities like Massachusetts General Hospital and Winchester Hospital.

Online homeopathy training is delivered via classes, discussions and uploaded media through the Web.  Some programs enable individuals to earn a Bachelor of Science; others offer diplomas and certificates.  Completion of most of these programs prepares individuals to earn certification.  

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