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Homeopathy Programs in Missouri - MO

Homeopathic training in Missouri has been popular since 1844, when two schools in St. Louis and Kansas City provided most, if not all, of the training for homeopaths practicing in Missouri. According to Dr. Thomas Lindsley Bradford, by 1904 there were 286 practicing homeopaths in Missouri. Hospitals in the state which practiced homeopathy at one time or another, according to Bradford, include the Good Samaritan Hospital of St. Louis; the Homeopathic Hospital and Training School of Kansas City; the Women’s Homeopathic Hospital of St. Louis; and the Free Homeopathic Hospital of St. Louis. Homeopathic training in Missouri remains a popular option for students interested in alternative medicine.

Those who attend homeopathic classes and study for a degree in homeopathy may choose to go to school for two years (associate degree), four years (bachelor degree) or to opt for a certificate program which may last from 12 to 24 months. After completing homeopathic training in Missouri, homeopathic certification through the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) is recommended by most who work in the field. While it is not mandatory in the state of Missouri for homeopaths to be nationally certified, certification carries its own benefits, and often garners a homeopath more patients than a non-certified homeopath could get. In Missouri, practitioners of homeopathy have used this alternative medical art to treat diverse conditions, from lyme disease, to mesothelioma, to pain relief.

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