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Homeopathy Programs in Nebraska - NE

Homeopathy training in Nebraska consists of going to school for two to four years and receiving homeopathic certification or a degree. One need not be a physician in order to practice homeopathic medicine in Nebraska. However, some homeopaths decide to become nationally certified through the professional organization the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). This involves showing proof of education and of cases you have handled, and passing an examination given by the organization. Studies have shown that many patients would be more apt to seek treatment from a credentialed homeopath than from one without credentials.

Many patients use homeopathic medicine as a preventive measure as well as a treatment for illness or conditions of physical, mental or emotional origin. When presented with a patient’s problem for the first time, a homeopath will usually ask a patient about the onset and origin of symptoms, the character of the sensation or pain, a description of concomitant symptoms or conditions, general information about the patient’s health and lifestyle, information on the patient’s emotional and mental history and nature, and information on the patient’s dreams. From this, the homeopath develops an individualized remedy tailored to that patient’s condition, designed to stimulate a patient’s inner healing abilities. 

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