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Homeopathy Programs in Rhode Island - RI

Rhode Island does not require licensure for practicing homeopaths, but it does require that they disclose pertinent information about their training and background.  Homeopaths who do not have training as doctors need to be up front and clear about this.  The Unlicensed Health Care Practices law is actually a protective law for homeopaths and certain other practitioners of alternative medicine.  Historically, it has been very rare indeed for a homeopath to be arrested for practicing medicine without a license, but Rhode Island is one of a handful of states to enact laws to make it clear that patients are free to choose care from those in alternative and complementary health professions.

The homeopathy training that Rhode Island practitioners select will likely include online education. Although state licensing is not required, there are certifying bodies that attest to a practitioner’s knowledge, competence, and experience level.  CHC certifies classical homeopaths who have met certain prerequisites, which include 500 hours of education and training (the majority of which can be completed online). The highly respected CHC certification also mandates classes in physiology and pathology, and certification in CPR.  Among the final requirements are supervised practice with submitted case studies and an oral interview.  Homeopaths certified by CHC can also apply for membership in the North American Society of Homeopaths.

Meanwhile those practitioners who are licensed physicians, and Rhode Island does boast some, may seek certification as diplomates from the American Board of Homeotherapeutics.

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