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Homeopathy Programs in South Carolina - SC

There are multiple paths a person who is not a medical professional can take to earn credentials in homeopathy.  Probably the shortest is to take a correspondence course or a series of weekend classes at a school that has a certificate program. 

CHC represents a more comprehensive education and stringent application process.  CHC (the Council for Homeopathic Certification) is different than the certifying bodies for many other medical professions in that it does not have particular accredited programs as prerequisites for beginning the exam process.  One must complete 500 hours of formal training and education, but there are many options. The Council recommends an education with depth and breadth, incorporating seminars as well as more traditional schooling.  The homeopathy training South Carolina offers actually is actually an eclectic mix from around the world. Up to 90% of the hours can be comprised of online courses.  After completing the required hours, plus required physiology and anatomy coursework, applicants can take a two part examination. The latter stages of the certification process also include 250 hours of observation and a write-up of case studies involving work with patients with chronic conditions.

Those who already have licensure in some health profession will want to check on legalities before practicing in South Carolina cities such as Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, or North Charleston. 

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