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Homeopathy Programs in Tennessee - TN

If you are interested in alternative ways to treat and cure illnesses and conditions, homeopathic training in Tennessee might be for you. Homeopathic medicine combines the principles and laws of nature and medicine, and treats patients with individualized treatments designed to stimulate healing. Homeopathy is a professional discipline that demands highly specific training and qualifications. It is recommended that patients only use homeopaths who have a degree or homeopathic certification, in order to ensure that they have received the most up to date, thorough training available.

Homeopathy began to take hold in Nashville in the mid 1800s under the influence of Dr. Philip Harsh, a physician from Germany who popularized homeopathy in the Nashville area during that time. Later, Dr. John A. Williams introduced homeopathic medicine to the Memphis area. Since then, homeopathic medicine’s popularity in Tennessee has grown. Students who pursue homeopathic training in Tennessee will learn that remedies aren’t just pulled out of thin air. Rather, homeopaths have more than 3000 remedies at their disposal, each of which is recorded in the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) Homeopathic Pharmacopia. This publication ensures stringent standards in the preparation and efficacy of each remedy. These remedies are designed to treat the entire person, from the physical, to the emotional and mental.

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