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Homeopathy Programs in Texas - TX

Students who pursue homeopathy training in Texas will discover that the end result of schooling for homeopathy depends upon the policies of the school you attend. Some schools offer one year programs, resulting in a certificate. Others offer two year programs, ending in an associate degree in homeopathy (AsscHom). Many schools of homeopathy offer three to four year programs, which culminate in a Degree of Homeopathy (DHom) credential.

In addition to homeopathy training in Texas, many students opt to pursue homeopathic certification through a national professional organization. This is not a requirement in order to practice homeopathy in Texas (as the practice of homeopathy in that state is not regulated nor is it licensed). However, many homeopathic practitioners say that becoming certified was the smartest move they ever made. Professional certification shows that you have the necessary training and displays a quality to your work that non-certified homeopaths cannot claim. Many patients would rather see a homeopathic practitioner who is certified, as the more credentials and/or initials a professional has behind his or her name, the better qualified he or she seems to be. Certification is available through the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) and is achieved following your homeopathic training by taking and passing an examination.

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