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Homeopathy Programs in Vermont - VT

While many who are interested in homeopathic medicine choose to go to medical school and study to become a licensed naturopathic physician in Vermont, others decide to pursue homeopathic certification and get a homeopathic degree. It is possible to complete homeopathic training in Vermont and become a certified homeopath without becoming a licensed naturopath. Those who study homeopathic medicine in Vermont usually do so for about two to four years, and receive a degree in homeopathy (DHom) or associate in homeopathy (AssocHom) upon graduation.

After graduation, most practicing homeopaths in Vermont choose to become nationally certified through the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) or the Society of Homeopaths. This gives homeopaths professional status of CHC or RSHom behind their names. Certification usually involves showing proof of 500 hours of classroom learning and 250 clinical hours, passing an examination and possibly paying membership fees depending upon the professional organization you choose. The CHC ensures that those who hold certification have at least five years of clinical experience and education in not only the homeopathic medical arts but also traditional medical classes such as anatomy, physiology, prevention of disease and pathology. They offer certification exams twice a year, in March and October.

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