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Homeopathy Programs in Wisconsin - WI

Aspiring professional homeopaths in Wisconsin, as well as the lay practitioner of homeopathy (the one not licensed as a medical professional), should note that CHC certification is almost a gold standard.  Indeed the requirements are rigorous, beginning with 500 hours of homeopathy education.  The education can be completed at a person’s choice of schools -- or at a combination of schools.  One requirement is that at least 10% of the hours must be live. Beyond this, the future homeopathic practitioner has many choices about how he will fulfill his hours and prepare for certification exams.

The actual certification exam has two parts, and tests one’s knowledge both of theory and case analysis. While the best preparation is solid schooling, study guides and practice exams can be obtained through the CHC site.

Those who complete the CHC certificate process, including post-exam observation hours and case study review, earn the coveted title of diplomate.  They may also apply for membership in NASH, the North American Society of Homeopaths, gaining additional resources -- and adding the letters RSHom to the end of their name.

CHC is so well respected that even some who are already licensed in other medical professions choose to pursue it -- as one can see by browsing Wisconsin’s page on the CHC web site’s directory of certified practitioners.

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