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Becoming a Chiropractor in Colorado - CO

How to Become a Chiropractor in Colorado

To become a chiropractor in Colorado, students study the human body extensively, especially the spine and how it affects and is affected by injures and repetitive stress problems. Chiropractics is one of the most well known of the complementary and alternative medicine professions. It is highly regulated and is the third largest health-care profession requiring a doctorate degree. Only medicine and dentistry have more doctoral-level professionals.

In addition to the various science courses required for admittance to an accredited chiropractic school, students will take courses specific to chiropractic therapy. These courses include adjustive techniques, biomechanics, diagnostic methods, spinal analysis, and principles of chiropractics. A chiropractor in Colorado receives between 4000 and 5000 hours of instruction and practical experience in order to obtain their degree.

Students studying to become chiropractors receive quite a bit of exposure to conventional medicine through the use of similar textbooks and similar scientific information, especially with regard to basic science information. Clinical examination, laboratory work, and imaging represent other subjects common to chiropractic and conventional medicine study.

Manual therapy is the predominant treatment technique used in chiropractics. This includes manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissue. The basic premise of chiropractics is that dysfunction in the spine interferes with the body’s function overall. Thus, many maladies in the body can be treated by focusing mainly on the spine.

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