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Becoming a Chiropractor in Illinois - IL

How to Become a Chiropractor in Illinois

The state of Illinois does not require its chiropractors to pass a state licensing exam; however, those who want to know how to become a chiropractor in Illinois must be versed in the steps that are required to do so.

  1. Spend two years studying at a liberal arts college.
  2. Spend the next two years studying at a chiropractic college of medicine.

  3. Spend the final two years of your required six years of study in a clinical experience administered by your medical school.
  4. Take the national board examinations offered by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE). The exam is given twice yearly, in March and September. Parts I, II and III are required by Illinois in order to become licensed to practice chiropractic medicine in the state.
  5.  Apply for your state license. You must use the state‚Äôs application, located at, and mail in a fee of $300. Also arrange to have your college send transcripts directly to the state, as well as your NBCE exam scores. Your application should be forwarded to: Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Attn: Division of Professional Regulation, P. O. Box 7007, Springfield, Illinois 62791.
  6. Upon acceptance of your application, you will be a licensed chiropractic physician in Illinois.
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