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Becoming a Chiropractor in Massachusetts - MA

How to Become a Chiropractor in Massachusetts

Perhaps the best resource for those interested in how to be a chiropractor in Massachusetts is the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Chiropractic. This regulatory board administers the mandatory license for this occupation. To qualify for licensure, chiropractors must be at least eighteen years old, be of good moral character, have completed at least two years of bachelor degree courses, and have graduated from an approved chiropractic school. If these eligibility requirements are met, chiropractors must then apply to take a written examination by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

These competency examinations will cover relevant subjects like anatomy, public health, physiology, diagnosis, hygiene, and chiropractic principles. Test takers should also be prepared to prove clinical training by demonstrating techniques in chiropractic practices. In addition, chiropractors must successfully pass a Massachusetts jurisprudence examination.

After completing all of the above-mentioned steps, chiropractors must submit an official application to the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Chiropractic. If the application is accepted, the board will grant a certificate of registration. This license will need to be renewed on a yearly basis along with documentation showing participation in at least twelve hours of continuing education in chiropractic studies through an association like the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society.

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