Becoming a Dentist in Manitoba - MB

If you are interested in a career offering challenge and variety, like to be your own boss, have excellent manual dexterity and good spatial judgment, possess a great memory and an interest in science, and want to help people maintain oral health, dentistry may be for you. In Canada, each province has its own dental licensure authority responsible for regulating all dentists practicing within that province. For those interested in how to become a dentist in Manitoba, the regulating body is the Manitoba Dental Association. Dentists who have completed dental training in the United States or Canada, or even in other countries, may become licensed to have a dental career in Manitoba, as long as they follow the correct procedures.

Manitoba requires all of its dentists to have a dentistry degree -- that is, either a DMD or DDS -- from a recognized institution. In addition, all applicants for dentistry licensure must complete an application form; pass the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) examination and receive a certificate; submit two letters of reference; and submit a registration fee of C$100 and a license fee of C$3500 (equaling about $97 USD and $3400 USD, respectively). Dental careers in Manitoba may revolve around general dentistry, prevention or public education, detection and management of oral problems, aesthetic improvements and restoration, correction, reconstruction, and surgery.

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