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Become a Dietician in New York - NY

Learning how to become a dietician in New York is mostly a matter of developing a portfolio of experience and formal education in dietetics. Entry level positions may be obtained so as to begin developing a work history even before the education is complete.

New York does not offer a license for dieticians, nor does the state itself require certification or registration. However, most organizations that hire dieticians will want them to be registered. Even if the organization does not actually require that the dietician is certified, it is an excellent way to develop a well rounded professional portfolio in dietetics and gives the dietician more standing than someone who is not certified. Registration shows professional motivation and dedication to the field.

Registration is a simple process of applying to the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), after completing a formal education and testing to assess knowledge as a dietician.

With so many people looking to enhance their careers, registration with the CDR may prove to be the key that opens many doors of employment. Those who are certified may then call themselves registered dieticians and have the backing of the CDR to enhance their professional standing. Those who have not been certified by the state of New York may not call themselves registered dieticians in this state and may miss out on certain employment opportunities.

Some of the positions that a dietician with CDR certification in New York may find themselves in would include supervisory roles in inpatient settings, public health positions such as those within the New York Health Department, public service positions that might include consultant work with the New York Women Infants and Children (WIC) organization, or even advisory positions in one of New York’s diabetic clinics.

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