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How to Become a Histotechnologist in Connecticut - CT

Histotechnician and histotechnologist careers in Connecticut are focused on preparing tissue samples for diagnosis.  These professions involve very little contact with patients since tests are usually performed on biopsied tissue such as moles, pap tests, and samples from gastrointestinal tracts that are sent to the lab from an outside facility.

Histotechnologists and histotechnicians will spend most of their time in a laboratory. Some medical offices will send their samples to such labs for preparation and diagnosis. Hospitals that have the facilities may be able to receive, prepare and review samples all in one building.

This profession provides a crucial step in diagnostic testing. Professionals in this field can demonstrate their knowledge to potential employers through the required certification that must be obtained in order to practice in this field.

With new advances in medical technology, histotechnologists and histotechnicians can play a vital role in the early detection of tissue malignancy that may indicate serious medical issues such as melanomas and various other forms of cancer.

The need for histotechnicians in Connecticut will continue to grow as early detection is still seen as the primary way to increase the chances of survival when malignancy is detected. As the number of entry-level positions increase, so will the need for supervisors in this field. Since the supervisory role will have a higher salary than the entry level role, this gives histotechnicians in Connecticut something to strive for as they consider moving into histotechnologist positions.

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