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How to Become a Histotechnologist in Minnesota - MN

The state of Minnesota does not currently offer a license for histotechnicians; however, many employers do require job candidates to be nationally certified. Histotechnicians and histotechnologists can seek certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology. The Minnesota Department of Health located in St. Paul, can be a great resource for anybody interested in pursing histotechnician or histotechnologist careers in Minnesota.

One way to secure a position within one of Minnesota’s hospitals is through internship programs. Not only do individuals gain experience and time with the company, but it also helps with becoming more familiar with the laboratory setting within the facility.
Once students receive their associate degree, they can become certified as a histotechnician and move on to earn a bachelor degree that will lead to a career as a histotechnologist.

Histotechnicians in Minnesota can expect to rise in the ranks to become histotechnologists if they continue with their academic pursuits by earning a bachelor’s degree. However, starting out as a histotechnician gives these professionals the added advantage of being personally familiar with the specific tasks related to this work.

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