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Become a Nutritionist in Alaska

How to Become a Nutritionist in Alaska

Alaska requires all nutritionists to have a license before they begin practicing independently. According to Alaska's rules and statutes for dieticians and nutritionists, Alaskans can either become licensed by holding diplomacy with the American Board of Nutrition or by obtaining a Master's/Doctoral degree and 900 hours of pre-professional training in human nutrition or human nutrition research.

Either path requires some type of education, which is best established by a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics, Foodservice, Nutrition, or a related field. While most of the training in Alaska's Bachelor's degree programs focus on building career skills, they also provide students with a well-rounded, interdisciplinary education.

Master's and Doctoral degree programs delve even deeper into the specific subject matter presented in general courses, allowing students to become experts in a field of their interest. The 900 hours of required pre-professional training and/or research accompanies that expertise building, providing a strong foundation for the state certification exam.

Passage of the state certification exam is another foundational requirement for those interested in knowing how to become a nutritionist in Alaska. To take the exam, applicants must be able to supply the state with proof of education, completion of pre-professional training hours, and an application and licensure fee. Applicants must also be able to prove that they are of good mental health and moral character, and that they carry no criminal record.

Once an applicant becomes licensed, they must renew their licenses every two years by participating in continuing education programs. To learn more about the rules and statutes governing nutritionist licensure in Alaska, please visit:

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