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Become a Nutritionist in Arizona

How to Become a Nutritionist in Arizona

Individuals interested in how to become a nutritionist in Arizona should note that they must have a master's degree, 900 hours of pre-professional training, and a valid license administered by a licensing body approved by the Arizona Department of Public Health. In addition to those requirements, they must also be of good mental health and possess no criminal record.

The first step for those interested in becoming a nutritionist in Arizona is earning a bachelor's degree from an accredited nutrition program. Arizona has a plethora of schools that offer both online, on-site, or hybrid course tracks that meet the individual schedules and needs of today's diverse learners. Most undergraduate nutrition programs focus on human nutrition, which provides students with an understanding of the general scope of the profession.

Students can delve even deeper into the profession by choosing a master's program that concentrates on their fields of interest (maternal nutrition, geriatric nutrition, etc). When choosing a master's degree program, students should focus just as much on the ability to gain hands-on experience as they do on the quality of the school, professors, and courses. In addition to providing students with the opportunity to build a better resume, schools that balance hands-on programs with theoretical courses make it easier for students to meet the hands-on training (about 900 hours or more) required by most certifying bodies.

Once an applicant has obtained the necessary education and training, they can apply for licensure by taking an exam through their licensing body. Most licensure exams are written, but it is possible for the licensing body to include an oral and practical portion as well. Students who pass the exam typically receive their licenses a few weeks later. These licenses are valid for two years, and can be renewed by completing a set of continuing education requirements (the specific number of hours is dictated by state licensing bodies).

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