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Become a Nutritionist in California

The following steps are provided to give you an idea of how to become a nutritionist in California. Be sure to review them so that you can be on your way to beginning an exciting career in nutrition.

  1. Learn about California licensing requirements.
  2. Understand the importance of accreditation.
  3. Choose a degree option to suit your career goals.
  4. Obtain CCN or CNS certification.

Licensing in California

There is a very fine line between the nutritionist profession and the dietician profession. However, many people inside and outside of this industry tend to use them interchangeably, and this can be quite difficult for someone who is just getting involved in a career of this type.

As a nutritionist, the State of California does not require you to have a state license in order to practice. In fact, there is very little recognition for this title at the state level in California, but you should not take that to mean that this is not a valuable and needed profession. On the contrary, nutritionists are extremely important to working the public on dietary issues and with helping to keep our communities nutritionally safe.

Recognition and Accreditation

In order to begin your education on the right foot, you will want to seek out nutritionist schools in California that are recognized and accredited by the American Dietetic Association Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education.

This organization has become one of the most widely known for their dedication to improving the quality of nutrition, the awareness of nutrition, and the quality of individuals choosing nutrition as their sole profession.

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