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Become a Nutritionist in Connecticut

How to Become a Nutritionist in Connecticut

To become a nutritionist in Connecticut, a person must obtain a Master's or Doctoral degree, collect 900 hours of preprofessional training, and become certified through the Commission on Dietetic Registration ( Nutritionists spend five to eight years studying human nutrition, metabolism, community nutrition, food and nutrition, and dietetics through Bachelor's and graduate degree programs accredited by the United States Department of Education. The remaining time is spent studying for the CDR certification exam and gaining hands-on experience through pre-professional training programs.

Nutritionists in Connecticut can work virtually anywhere, so it is important for students to define their career goals early and gain experience in something for which they are truly passionate. For instance, if a student wants to plan menus for schools, senior communities or hospitals, they should look for Bachelor's, Master's and pre-professional training programs that allow them to gain textbook knowledge and hands-on experience in those environments.

If Connecticut students cannot find Bachelor's and Master's degree programs that offer hands-on experience, they can broaden their career skills through volunteer programs or study abroad opportunities. These opportunities are especially advantageous for students interested in community-wide nutrition, and are also helpful for students who are exploring the different aspects of nutrition.

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