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Become a Nutritionist in Illinois

How to Become a Nutritionist in Illinois

Nutrition is at the core of everything we do, whether we realize it or not. It is what keeps us healthy, gives us our strength, and helps our bodies stay in good shape. Nutritionists have a very important profession in that they are available to the public to help people understand the importance of nutrition in their daily lives.

If this sounds like an interesting career field to you, here are some of the steps on how to become a nutritionist in Illinois.

  1. Recognize and understand state licensing requirements. 
  2. Be aware of the education accrediting organizations that apply to this profession.
  3. Consider your educational options.
  4. Prepare for certifications examinations.

Licensing in Illinois

The nutritionist profession is not one alone that is licensed by the State of Illinois; however, the licensed dietician/nutritionist is, but these two terms should not be used interchangeably. The function of a dietician and a nutritionist are still somewhat different. With that being said, if your wish is to act only as a nutrition counselor, you will not need a state license to practice, but you will need an education in order to find employment.

Organizations of Accreditation

As you begin your search for the perfect school, you will soon discover that your choice of nutritionist schools in Illinois is almost unlimited. You will find traditional campus-based schools, as well as online schools. Online schools are a great alternative for individuals that are strapped for time but still want to pursue a degree. Whichever school that you choose, you may want be sure that it is accredited by the American Dietetic Association Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education.

This organization is a part of the American Dietetic Association, and they are extremely well respected throughout the health and nutrition industry. The accreditation program that they have put together is very comprehensive and ensures that you are receiving a valuable, informative education.

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