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Become a Nutritionist in Louisiana

How to Become a Nutritionist in Louisiana

To become a nutritionist in Louisiana, applicants must obtain a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, attain at least 900 hours of preprofessional training, and apply for licensure through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Aspiring nutritionists can also enter into the profession with a Master's degree or licensure from another state or country.

Education and training play a large part in the process of beginning a career as a licensed, practicing nutritionist. According to Louisiana state law, nutritionists must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree with at least 24 of their course hours devoted to the study of human nutrition, food science, dietetics, or a related field.

Students can expect to spend up to five years in their Bachelor's degree programs, studying everything from the liberal arts to nutrition-related topics. They also balance preprofessional training seminars with their coursework. Preprofessional internships usually take place in a clinical setting.

When students participate in the preprofessional training programs available at Lafayette General Hospital, Charity Hospital or Ochsner Medical Center, they get to experience their career in its full breadth. Students typically begin their career training by observing a licensed, practicing nutritionist and learning about ethics and best practices. As their skills increase, the nutritionist slowly gives the intern more control and responsibility, allowing her to build the foundational skills needed for success in this career.

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