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Become a Nutritionist in Maine

How to Become a Nutritionist in Maine

As part of the process to become a nutritionist in Maine, an individual must earn a bachelor's degree in nutrition or in a related field; attain 900 hours of pre-professional training over a period of six months; pass the certification exam administered by the American Dietetic Association; and adhere to the Code of Ethics set out by the Maine Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice.

A career in nutrition typically begins with a bachelor's degree program in food system administration, human nutrition, dietetics, or food and nutrition.  When students major in any of these specialties, they should prepare themselves for a balanced education that blends major classes with general education courses and pre-professional training.

Pre-professional training usually occurs in a hospital or clinical setting. When students go through their pre-professional training, they can choose from a number of fields and environments that foster their interests. A student interested in pursuing a career as a school nutritionist can intern at an elementary school, high school, or any other environment that may suit his interests. A student interested in geriatric nutrition or food administration, on the other hand, can seek experience by interning at any of Maine's major hospitals, including Maine Medical Center, Mercy Hospital, Brighton Medical Center, and St. Joseph's Hospital.

Once students have obtained at least 900 hours of pre-professional training, they can apply for certification by taking an exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. If they pass the exam, they can take part in this exciting, relevant career for many years to come.

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