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Become a Nutritionist in Mississippi

How to Become a Nutritionist in Mississippi

Right now, not all states legally protect the nutritionist profession by requiring nutritionists to get an occupational license prior to employment. However, since the Mississippi government is committed to public safety, no professional can actively practice under the title of "nutritionist" without first gaining a nutritionist license from the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Professional Licensure.

Admittedly, nutritionists are not the same as dietitians, but in Mississippi, nutritionists apply for the same license and adhere to the same eligibility standards as dietitians. Therefore, nutritionists will need to obtain a Dietitian/Nutritionist Application for Licensure from the MSDH. This application will request proof of registration by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (copy of certification), residency verification, and documentation that shows the successfully passing of examination in nutrition by the CDR. The initial licensing fee is $100, and the biannual license renewal fee is also $100.

In order to maintain a nutritionist license in Mississippi, professionals must complete at least 30 hours of continuing education in nutrition every two years. These continuing education hours can be fulfilled by participating in occupational meetings, workshops, seminars, presentations, and academic coursework that is relevant to aspects of nutrition. Continuing education can also take the form of additional certifications within the field. Nutritionists that gain specialty certifications in areas such as oncology, renal, pediatric, and gerontological nutrition may also benefit from a wider range of job opportunities and higher salary expectations.

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