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Become a Nutritionist in Vermont

How to Become a Nutritionist in Vermont

If you are just deciding on a health related career in nutrition then “you are what you eat�? or, “put your money where your mouth is�? certainly applies in this case.  The first step in understanding how to become a nutritionist in Vermont is to know the difference between certification and registration. Applicants register with the state to become eligible for certification. Certification refers to the requirements of the state and is separate from those of the ADA (American Dietetic Association).

High school diploma or equivalency is enough to get started and there are many opportunities to work while completing an education.  Though the state is viewed as lenient, Vermont requires a bachelor’s degree or higher and a minimum of 900 training hours in an approved facility before sitting for the certification examination. Certificates are renewed every other year along with completion of continuing education.

Vermont insists on 30 hours of continuing education per year, which do not count toward hours regulated by the ADA and must be approved by the CDA (Commission on Dietetic Registration).  The Vermont office of Professional Regulation in Montpelier handles rules and regulations related to this profession.

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