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Become a Nutritionist in Washington

How to Become a Nutritionist in Washington

Careers can be found in nutrition almost everywhere and the popular city of Seattle could keep a food connoisseur busy for a lifetime. The good news is that WA does not require a baccalaureate or post-graduate degree in order to practice as a dietician or nutritionist. There is state certification available separate from registration provided by the American Dietetic Association, and this registered status may be eligible for transfer to another state with similar guidelines.

Transcripts or evidence of completion and professional experience will be checked prior to sitting for the state exam. The Washington Department of Health is the place to go for information on all rules and regulations that are specific to the state. The division that handles dieticians and nutritionists is the Health Professions Quality Assurance Center in Olympia, WA.

Interpersonal communication is of top importance in any professional setting, as ethics and empathy will be vital to long-term success as a nutritionist. Public health and nutrition is more than just planning menus, it requires the highest level of professionalism and face-to-face communication with all types of clients of different ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

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