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Become a Nutritionist in West Virginia

How to Become a Nutritionist in West Virginia

So you want to become a nutritionist? West Virginia is a great place to start. Potential positions that were available in 2010 included 'Nutrition Care Assistant' and 'Director of Nutrition Technology.' To fill these positions, organizations have sought professionals who have been educated in nutrition science, and who can counsel all ages of patients on healthy dietary habits.

Perhaps you have already earned an associate’s degree and are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s in nutrition so as to assume a leadership role in a hospital or clinic. Perhaps your goal is to earn a registered nutritionist assistant position, working with highly experienced veteran dieticians. Doctorate level programs are also available to those nutritionists aiming for positions as educators, authors or medical consultants.

The Board of Licensed Dieticians, located in Charleston, can be a close ally to graduates of nutritionist programs who are interested in learning exactly how to become a nutritionist in West Virginia. The state offers a provisional permit, allowing permitted students to work while fulfilling the necessary requirements for full certification. The board also recognizes registration status from other states and may transfer applicable education and clinical experience in select circumstances.

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