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Become a Nutritionist in Wisconsin

How to Become a Nutritionist in Wisconsin

Wisconsin uses the term “dietician�? which is some times interchanged with “nutritionist�?. Dietician programs offer a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorial in human nutrition, food systems or similar discipline. These degrees compliment the standards set by the American Dietetic Association or “ADA�?. The state provides temporary dietician certificates and certificates of professional education as well.

Licenses are renewed every year for a fifty dollar fee. The Wisconsin board has an established code of ethics, administers a written exam necessary for licensure, and asks for evidence of a minimum of 900 professional training hours under a registered or licensed dietician. The exam may be waived if licensed with the ADA or in another state with similar guidelines.

It is fairly easy to figure out what basic classes will count toward a degree and how to become a nutritionist in Wisconsin. High school classes will provide a head start and satisfy some pre-requisites for college programs. What may not be obvious are some of the other skills that ensure success and a healthy career.

Skills in public speaking, communication and problem solving are invaluable. Computer ability, good organization and technical competence are a must. Education will cover local, state and federal guidelines that dictate proper sanitation and safety for food preparation in the occasional instances when a nutritionist works in a capacity that will bring them in direct contact with food.

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