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Become a Nutritionist in Wyoming

How to Become a Nutritionist in Wyoming

Wyoming is probably one of the easiest states to practice in as a nutritionist as it does not have an independent state-regulating agency. Though this is the smallest of the fifty United States in terms of population you can still earn a good salary as a nutritionist in Wyoming ($50,000 - $61,000 for some entry positions). If you have decided that this is for you, then figuring out how to become a nutritionist is Wyoming is quite easy. Associate’s programs online will prepare you for the standard Bachelor’s degree in nutrition science, and ultimately, for the more ambitious aspiring nutritionist, a Master’s degree.

Dieticians and nutritionists in the clinical setting will educate patients on the proper diet for addressing specific health issues.  The client demographic in this setting as quite varied, so nutritionists should expect to work with all types of people from children and teens to senior citizens. Verbal communication and documentation are necessary skills for the job and will be a fundamental component to training programs, on top of core nutritional education courses. Training and upper level instruction will take place in a variety of interesting settings such as kitchens, private clinics and large public facilities. Students of Wyoming nutritionist programs will find ample opportunity for work-study and apprenticeships. Postgraduates will be eligible for teaching and managerial positions, as well as consultant and research work as they so choose.

Current posted job openings for those Wyoming residents considering careers in nutrition include:

  • Nutrition Assistant – Worland – Washakie Medical Center
  • Food and Nutrition Service Associate – Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
  • Registered Clinical Dietician – multiple locations
  • Nutrition Services – (Laramie) – Ivinson Memorial Hospital
  • Food Service Tech (Gillette) Campbell County memorial hospital
  • Food Services supervisor (Lusk) State of Wyoming

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