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California Paramedic Degree - CA

The following are steps on how to become an EMT in California and how to become a paramedic in California. EMT-Is are tested via multiple-choice, computer-based exam administered by the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) and also have their skills verified by their course instructor in a hands-on simulation at the end of the training program. EMT-Is are also tested by their training coordinator or local EMS agency and are retested every four years as part of their recertification process. Paramedics must pass the NREMT exam at the paramedic level, as well pass as a skills verification proctored by their paramedic course instructor.

EMT-II certificates are valid only in areas where they are specifically certified. Paramedics are licensed by the state, but accredited locally. However, their licenses, just like EMT-I certifications, are valid anywhere in California.

California EMT and Paramedic Continuing Education and Recertification Requirements

EMS certifications must be renewed every other year. During that time, EMT-Is must earn 24 hours of continuing education (or take a refresher course) and EMT-IIs must earn twice that much. Paramedics must also earn 48 hours, but at least 12 of them must be earned as field care audits (as opposed to, say, self-study).

California EMT and Paramedic Associations

California Rescue and Paramedic Organization
This organization works to improve the emergency medical services in the state of California.

San Francisco Emergency Medical Services Agency
In California, county-based EMS systems provide services. San Francisco uses the Department of Public Health’s EMS Agency.

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