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Missouri Paramedic Degree - MO

To become a paramedic in Missouri, one must pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certificate as the basis for granting licenses to basic EMTs and paramedics. Missouri does not license intermediate EMTs, although NREMT has multiple middle levels. Intermediate EMTs from out of state can apply for reciprocal licensing only as a basic level EMT until they meet the paramedic requirements.

The examination is split into two parts. The multiple-choice portion can be taken on a computer in testing centers found nationwide. This examination may involve identifying diseases or injuries, knowledge of EMS protocol, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology or the limitations of what an EMT can do (e.g., a basic EMT cannot give a patient sedatives).

The practical half of the exam typically takes place at the end of the EMT program and is administered by the instructor. This exam is a hands-on practical one and requires the EMT to demonstrate (in a calm, determined but thoughtful manner) the skills learned in the class, including assessing the condition of a mannequin or actor playing an injured victim. The skills assessment may require an intubation to restore airflow, starting and/or maintaining IV fluid, immobilizing a broken limb or administering CPR.

After initially earning a Missouri license, EMTs and paramedics need not maintain NREMT certification.

Data about ambulance calls in Missouri is collected through MARS, the Missouri Ambulance Reporting System, an online database that keeps track of the number and type of ambulance calls.

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