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EMT and Paramedic Schools in Ontario - ON

According to the Ontario Paramedic Association, jobs for paramedics are expected to grow faster than the average growth of employment in the province over the next few years. This is one reason why more and more students are researching how to become a paramedic in Ontario. EMT education in Ontario consists of a two-year degree program that occurs following high school graduation. Prospective paramedics in Ontario will be trained in all of the necessary skills to treat patients prior to hospitalization. Critical reasoning skills, judgment, and communication skills, all of which are vital to the job of EMT, are also honed in this program.

Most paramedic training programs involve both classroom study and hands-on, practical experience. Some incorporate online learning as well. Courses that one can expect to take in a paramedic program in Ontario include physical education, communication in health care, pharmacology, theory of patient care, emergency medicine, professional development, emergency vehicle operation, and anatomy and physiology. After graduating with your degree, you will be eligible to take the Canadian national certification examination (the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Attendant (A-EMCA) exam). If you pass, you will be able to find employment as an Advanced EMT or Advanced Paramedic in Ontario and all of Canada.

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