How to Become a Pediatric Nurse in Indiana - IN ǀ Job Description and Salary ǀ Certification and Degree Programs

Pediatric Nursing Jobs in Indiana - IN

Pediatric nurses and pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) are vital members of the healthcare team who specialize in the care and treatment of children. Pediatric nurses work in various settings and may care for patients who are chronically ill or may perform life-saving measures by working in pediatric intensive care units. Nurses who work in Indiana’s larger cities, such as Indianapolis or Fort Wayne, may have opportunities to work with children who come from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

Additionally, pediatric nurses are also needed in many healthcare centers within smaller towns throughout Indiana. Depending on the desired location, Indiana offers many opportunities for pediatric nurses and nurse practitioners.  A job in a pediatric unit of a hospital or a pediatrician’s office provides essential experience for learning important concepts related to the care of children. Pediatric nurses interested in independent careers and a greater level of responsibility often become pediatric nurse practitioners through advanced degree program.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Programs

Registered nurses who have an interest in working with children or who are already employed in the field of pediatrics may consider pursuing master’s degrees in nursing. These programs offer a curriculum that focuses on the common types of acute and chronic illnesses found in children. Additionally, because well-child checks are frequently conducted to prevent disease, PNP students will also study normal child behavior and milestones. Students of these programs will be involved in clinical rotations in several pediatric care areas, either working with other nurse practitioners or working independently with some supervision from instructors.

Pediatric nurse practitioner programs may offer a variety of study options to meet the needs of various student backgrounds. Some schools offer courses part-time with flexible scheduling or online classes that allow students to work individually at a convenient pace. These types of options may be more accommodating, particularly for students who are currently working in nursing and returning to school to advance their training.

Pediatric Nurse Salary in Indiana

The state of Indiana offers various options for employment among those with training in healthcare. With an average annual income of about $45,000 across the state, an average pediatric nurse salary in Indiana runs higher than the state average. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, which do not list nurse practitioners independent of RNs and other nurses, pediatric nurses working full-time in Indiana can expect to earn an average of $57,820 per year with the top 10% earning $78,000.

Pediatric nurses and nurse practitioners may find employment in pediatric home health, public health, or outpatient surgical centers. Some possibilities for employment include working for Deaconess Hospital in Evansville or Community Hospital, East Campus, in Indianapolis. Fort Wayne also offers Parkview Hospital as a potential place of employment for applicants. Indiana offers public health services in the areas of maternal and child health, newborn health screenings and Children’s Special Health Care Services, available through the Indiana State Department of Health. Pediatric nurses and nurse practitioners may also consider working in some of these areas.

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