How to Become a Pediatric Nurse in Kansas - KS | Job Description | Career | Certification

Pediatric Nursing Jobs in Kansas - KS

Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) care for children by doing many tasks that traditionally have been the role of doctors. In Kansas, the Kansas State Board of Nursing, which also facilitates licensing and regulation of registered nurses and other healthcare personnel, regulate the field of pediatric nursing. Pediatric nurse practitioners have their own scopes of practice that differs between states. In Kansas, PNPs may work in a variety of care settings, and may practice independently or under the supervision of a physician. For PNPs who work independently, physician collaboration may be necessary for help with certain prescriptions and decisions concerning certain medical interventions.  This is typically done through an official documented collaborative agreement, particularly in rural areas or those locations in Kansas where a pediatric nurse practitioner is the only healthcare provider available.

Many pediatric nurse practitioners have started in their careers as pediatric nurses who have a desire to increase their skills in the care of children. Most nursing schools in Kansas teach students about the concepts of nursing practice for all ages, from newborn babies to geriatric patients, and care of childhood illnesses may be included as part of the curriculum.

Following graduation of bachelor’s programs in nursing, some nurses may choose to become pediatric nurses through graduate level training, additional certification, and courses in pediatric specialties or critical care subjects. After some experience as a pediatric nurse, additional training to become a PNP may be a path that some nurses choose.

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