How to Become a Pediatric Nurse in Kentucky - KY ǀ Job Description and Salary ǀ Certification and Degree Programs

Pediatric Nursing Jobs in Kentucky - KY

Pediatric nurses have specialized training in the care of children and understand the unique medical needs of infants, young children and adolescents. In Kentucky, children receive care in various healthcare facilities including Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville. This specialty hospital is the only one in the state that provides outpatient services to children. Other potential options include Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, with various locations in northern Kentucky, and Owensboro Medical Health System.

In Kentucky, PNPs practice in a variety of settings, depending on location throughout the state. A pediatric nurse practitioner may work in the children’s unit of a hospital, or they may work in outpatient surgery clinics, performing minor surgical procedures or assisting surgeons with more involved procedures. Some PNPs work in community settings or offices to educate parents about health and prevention of disease. In some parts of Kentucky, particularly among rural areas, a pediatric nurse practitioner may spend time traveling between homes to meet with patients who do not otherwise have access to healthcare services.

Pediatric nurses have many options for employment following training. Students who want to learn how to become pediatric nurses in Kentucky can start by enrolling in a nursing degree program. After receiving a nursing degree, a nurse may spend years practicing in the area of pediatrics in order to sharpen the skills needed to expertly care for this population.

Nurses in Kentucky interested in advanced education in the field of pediatrics, may consider pursuing master’s degrees within the area of pediatrics. Pediatric nurse practitioner programs in Kentucky teach students about health problems specific to children, the importance of routine diagnostics, and the proper application of many medications. Additionally, PNP students often learn normal growth and development patterns of children as some jobs focus on well-child checks.

Pediatric Nurse Salary in Kentucky

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the average income for the state of Kentucky is approximately $41,000 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all nurses, including RNs and NPs, that work in pediatrics full-time earn average salaries of approximately $58,130 annually, which provides a secure standard of living.  The top ten percent in Kentucky earn an average of $75,630.

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