Becoming a Physical Therapist in Indiana – IN

The employment outlook for the physical therapy profession is excellent.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of physical therapy jobs will increase 30 percent by the year 2018.  This trend is nowhere more evident than in Indiana where the median salary for physical therapists is nearly $70,000.  The Indiana Department of Workforce Development recently ranked physical therapy among the top five growth occupations for the coming decade in its list of Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs.  Physical therapists are expected to enjoy more opportunities than ever before as a result of an aging American population, increased survival rates among trauma victims, and increased demand for physical therapists in schools as educational institutions strive to meet the needs of disabled students.

How to Become a Physical Therapist in Indiana

Becoming a physical therapist in Indiana requires licensure by the Physical Therapy Committee of the Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) of Indiana.  To meet the licensure requirements in Indiana, an aspiring physical therapist must earn a degree in physical therapy from an accredited graduate program and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE).  The application form for a physical therapy license and other relevant information can be downloaded from the PLA website at www.in.gov/pla/pt.htm.

Candidates must submit the completed application form to the Indiana Physical Therapy Committee, along with a $100 fee and supporting documentation, including an official graduate transcript and two passport-sized photographs.  After the Physical Therapy Committee has received the application and determined the applicant’s eligibility, it will send notification to the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), which administers the NPTE.  In turn, the FSBPT will send the applicant an “Authorization to Test” letter. 

The applicant must register for the NPTE online through the FSBPT’s website at www.fsbpt.org.  A fee of $350, payable by credit or debit card, is due at the time of online registration.  The NPTE is a computerized test, and the applicant must schedule an appointment to take the exam with Prometric Services, a full-service testing provider that specializes in computerized academic and professional tests.  The Authorization to Test letter from the FSBPT will include instructions for selecting a date and testing center through Prometric’s website at www.prometric.com.  The applicant must pay an additional $65 fee to Prometric at the time that the appointment to take the NPTE is scheduled.  All relevant payments—the $100 fee to the Physical Therapy Committee, the $350 fee to the FSBPT, and the $65 fee to Prometric—must be paid in full before a candidate will be allowed to sit for the examination.  The NPTE is graded on a scale of 200 to 800 with 800 being a perfect score.  To pass the examination and qualify for licensure as a physical therapist in Indiana, a candidate must earn a scaled score of at least 600.  Licenses to practice physical therapy must be renewed every two years.  The PLA charges a $100 fee for each license renewal. 

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