Becoming a Physical Therapist in Minnesota – MN

How to Become a Physical Therapist in Minnesota

For those wanting to become a physical therapist in Minnesota, and who obtained their physical therapy education in physical therapy in Minnesota, the following are required for the application for licensure:

  • A certified copy of a transcript form a PT program needs to be sent to the Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy from the school
  • The applicant needs to include two recommendation forms that are from two different licensed physical therapists
  • A notarized 2x3 photo like a passport photo

  • A list of all schools, back through high school, attended with dates and where attended
  • Notarized copies of military service records and postgraduate work
  • List of places where the applicant has already been licensed as a physical therapist
  • Paperwork showing previous practice in the field of physical therapy
  • Any disciplinary actions or denials of eligibility
  • Information on whether the applicant has undergone treatment for drug or alcohol use
  • Information on any diseases or illnesses that the applicant has that could impair their abilities to practice physical therapy
  • Crime record
  • If a member of any physical therapy organizations, a list of such
  • Name, address, social security number or identification number
  • Copies of credentials
  • Other information necessary if the person had a previous practice
  • Exam scores from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
  • Applicant’s certificate of education
  • If the person had a name change, the paperwork must be included and notarized
  • Application fee for a permanent license is $100.00

The board can be contacted at the following address:

MN Board of Physical Therapy
University Park Plaza
2829 University Ave SE, Suite 420
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3664
Phone:  (612) 627-5406
Fax:  (612) 627-5403
Email: Physical.Therapy@state.mn.us
Website:  http://www.physicaltherapy.state.mn.us/

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