Becoming a Physical Therapist in Ontario – ON

Training in physical therapy opens many career opportunities in Ontario. Those wondering how to become a physical therapist in Ontario should know that there are plenty of job titles available for those with physical therapy training in addition to physical therapist. Some of these include project manager, ergonomics consultant, case manager, director, academic coordinator, research fellow, and physiotherapy associate. Physical therapy is an interesting, varied field that excites many students interested in helping people regain movement.

The typical physical therapy program is at the graduate level and lasts two years. Degree possibilities include Master of Clinical Science (MClSc), Professional Master of Physical Therapy (MPT), or a PhD in Physical Therapy. Courses common to most college physical therapy programs include clinical specialty courses (such as manipulative therapy and orthopedics), academic courses (like advanced physiology), a clinical mentorship course (in which one works under the direction of a physical therapist), and a research experience course (in which one presents research results in front of one’s peers and school faculty members).  These courses may occur in a classroom setting, online through distance learning, and at an in-person clinical setting. Programs in physical therapy usually last about two years. Graduates are well-prepared to take the national certification exam required of all of Ontario’s physical therapists:  The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators Physiotherapy Competence Examination.

Physical Therapy Schools