How to Become a Physician Assistant in California - CA

Becoming a Physician Assistant in California

California Physician Assistants will assist, treat and diagnose patients with the help and supervision of a licensed doctor or surgeon.  Physician assistants in California will perform in health care environments in private doctor’s offices or hospitals, in inner-city clinics where people cannot afford health care or insurance and in rural areas where there is little access to doctors.  Physician assistants can also be responsible for handling patients under the doctor’s direction, in order to see as many patients as possible.

Typical working conditions for physician assistants are working in the same places that doctors work, such as hospitals, being the biggest employer in California for physician assistants, clinics and private doctor offices. 

Certification for Physician Assistants in California

The California State Board of Medical Quality Assurance handles the physician assistant’s certification.  Certification is necessary to become a physician assistant in California.  The certification test goes into detail on how the physician assistant handles and performs a physical examination as part of the practical part of the exam and also includes an in depth written test which usually takes all day to complete both tests.  Those interested in knowing how to become a physician assistant in California should know that prior to testing for certification, applicants must be graduates of a California approved physician assistants program and successfully have passed the written test. 

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