How to Become a Physician Assistant in Kansas - KS

Becoming a Physician Assistant in Kansas

Physician Assistant Certification and License in Kansas

Anyone who wants to know how to become a physician assistant in Kansas has to have a license from the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.  The application must be completed and notarized and submitted with a $200 fee and the necessary supporting documents.  The supporting documents that will need to be sent as copies of certification from educational institution, official transcripts from both undergraduate and the accredited Physician Assistant program completed, verification for any licenses held in other states, 2x3 photograph of applicant, and verification of certification from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA).   This process is required for all those who wish to become a physician assistant in Kansas.

Renewal of licensure is annual and is necessary to hold Physician Assistant jobs in Kansas.  To be granted renewal, physician assistants must submit a renewal application and renewal fee of $ 150.  The Kansas Board of Healing Arts requires that 50 hours of continuing medical education must be completed.  NCCPA also requires recertification every 2 years, which is done by submitting 100 hours of continuing education and a fee of $135. At least 50 hours must be completed by an American Academy of Physician Assistants approved provider.   In addition to the biennial fee and continuing medical education submission, every 6 years the recertification exam must be taken.  The recertification exam, called the Physician Assistant National Recertification Exam, costs $350 and an application must be submitted in order to take it.  The NCCPA has a code of conduct for all certified physician assistants must abide by.  If any individual is in violation of this code disciplinary action can occur, one of which is the loss of certification.  Losing certification will also cause the loss of licensure since Kansas requires certification to be maintained.

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