How to Become a Physician Assistant in Minnesota - MN

Becoming a Physician Assistant in Minnesota

Physician Assistant Certification and License in Minnesota

All licensed Physician Assistants (PA) in Minnesota must have taken and passed the NCCPA exam and have been certified by the organization. They must not already be working as a PA prior to the first time they obtain the license, except in certain circumstances, which must be individually approved by the board.

A temporary license may be available to those who have already met the necessary requirements for the permanent license as described above, but who are waiting for final license approval.

Students interested in physician assisting in Minnesota should be aware of the fact that a Notice of Intent to Practice must be created and submitted to the Board of Medical Practice. A PA may not work until this process has been completed. The only exceptions to this rule are in the cases of disasters or immediate emergencies. Plus, an updated Notice of Intent to Practice must be submitted to the board any time alterations in employment are made, including changes in responsibility as well as changes in position.

In order to become a Physician Assistant in Minnesota, a delegation agreement must be put in place between the physician and the Physician Assistant once the PA has met all of the state’s requirements and has obtained the appropriate license. A graduate may not pursue Physician Assistant jobs in Minnesota without one in place. This agreement will specifically spell out the expectations the physician has for the Physician Assistant, including which responsibilities will be delegated to the PA. Furthermore, the agreement documents that the physician agrees to accept full medical liability for the PA’s actions in that role. The delegation agreement must accurately reflect the Physician Assistant’s duties and be appropriate to the practice of the physician. A copy must be maintained at the physician’s office and updated each year. A PA under the supervision of a physician may practice in a remote location, and in some cases, the physician may be allowed to supervise more than five Physician Assistants in Minnesota with board approval.

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