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Becoming a Physician Assistant in Nebraska

Understand Nebraska State Licensing Requirements for Physician Assistants

Nebraska, like many other states, requires that a physician assistant be licensed in order to perform the duties and use the title of physician assistant. To be licensed and eligible for physician assistant jobs in Nebraska, a resident must pass several requisite requirements and must submit an application for licensure to the Department of Health and Human Services. The state of Nebraska relies greatly on the Department of Health and Human Services for only licensing the most highly qualified individuals that deserve to work in this professional field.

Those researching to learn how to become a physician assistant in Nebraska should note that they will be expected to pass the certification exam offered by the National Commission for Certification of Physician Assistants, or NCCPA, before they can be eligible for state licensure. In Nebraska, the fee to apply for a state license is $150 and the renewal fee for the license is $110. The state license must be renewed every other year to avoid late fees and reinstatement fees.

In addition, Nebraska is also a state, which allows a student to be issued a temporary license. A temporary license is available to students who wish to become a physician assistant in Nebraska if they have successfully passed their related course of education but have not yet been certified by the NCCPA.

Understanding Certification for Physician Assistants in Nebraska

Certification is something that greatly impacts the future of those puruing physician assistant jobs in Nebraska. Basically stated, a physician assistant is not allowed to practice in this state without a state license, and the state requires a certificate from the NCCPA in order to issue a license. So, it can be easily seen from the cycle that a student must be eligible to sit for the NCCPA examination.

The test given by the NCCPA is known as the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, or the PANCE test. The PANCE test is basically a proficiency test which is designed to determine whether or not a student is truly ready to enter the workforce after having completed their education. Likewise, this test will monitor the retention and application of information learned during schooling.

In addition to giving students eligibility for licensure in the state of Nebraska, the PANCE test effectively allows a physician assistant to use the PA-C designation after their name. This designation indicates that the physician assistant is certified; thereby credentialing the physician assistant in a high manner.

The PA-C certification from the NCCPA does have to be renewed every six years. However, every two years, a physician assistant is required to complete continuing education courses with a minimum of 100 total credits. So, over a six year time period and prior to being able to renew the certification, a physician assistant must have at least 300 credits of continuing education units.

When a physician assistant is ready to renew their certification, they will be instructed to take and pass the PANRE examination, also known as the Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam.

Understand the Pay Scale

A physician assistant in Nebraska earns a very good salary; roughly $74,000 each year. With that being said, it is understandable why physician assistants are held to such strict licensing and certification requirements.

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