How to Become a Physician Assistant in Oklahoma - OK

Becoming a Physician Assistant in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state with many excellent attributes. Open country, family oriented atmosphere and an increasing number of career opportunities, particularly in the healthcare industry.

The career of physician assistant is the 4th fastest-growing career in Oklahoma. Physician assistants are integral parts of any healthcare team. They practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor, and are authorized to perform many of the same examinations, tests, and health counselling functions as doctors. Many medical institutions are employing these professionals these and other reasons, including:

Steps To Becoming A Physician Assistant in Oklahoma

The training and certification phase may seem long, and at times complicated for those pursuing physician assistant jobs in Oklahoma. However, an aspiring medical assistant will have a helpful support system or teachers, counsellors and mentors to help them through.

  1. Build your education base Most physician assistant candidates come into the training phase with at least a bachelor’s degree and/or 3-5 years of experience in a healthcare profession.
  2. Research and decide on an educational institution and training program that’s right for you.
  3. Apply to the program(s) of your choice, using CASPA (Central Applications Service for Physicians Assistants). This handy tool allows you to use a single application to apply to a multiple of schools.
  4. Attend and graduate from the Physician assistant training of your choice.
  5. Complete the NCCPA PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certification Exam), and receive a passing score
  6. Apply for state licensing from the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. See for detailed documentation requirements and fees.

Upon receiving your license you are ready to pursue physician assistant jobs in Oklahoma.

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