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Becoming a Physician Assistant in South Carolina

All practicing medical professionals in South Carolina must be of good moral character, which means that they should not have any record of drug-related crimes, sexual misconduct, theft, or violent crime. This is as much a requirement of Physician Assistant jobs in South Carolina as it is of any medical professional.  Medical offices and training programs that prepare the aspiring student to become a physician assistant in South Carolina perform criminal background checks on their entrants before they admit them, and they do maintain the right to deny applicants’ admission or employment based on their criminal record.

As soon as students take the Graduate Record Exam, fulfill the program's entrance requirements, and are admitted into a Physician Assistant training program, they spend two years preparing for the Physician Assistant Certifying Exam. The two-year training process includes classes that cover the different organ systems, pharmaceuticals, business practices, and other aspects of practice. Students gain clinical experience by practicing under the supervision of a licensed, practicing Physician.

Those interested in knowing how to become a Physician Assistant in South Carolina should note that students must take the PANCE exam after they have been conferred the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree. Physician Assistants in South Carolina should try to pass PANCE the first time, as the State Board of Medical Examiners holds a statute that “The Board may issue a limited physician assistant license to an applicant who has...never previously failed two consecutive NCCPA certifying examinations and has registered for, or intends to register to take the next offering of, the NCCPA examinations” 

Applicants who pass the PANCE exam have to apply directly to the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, who regulates licensure for all practicing medical professionals in the State including Physician Assistants. When applicants apply for State licensure, they must appear before the Board with their supervising physicians with original copies of their transcripts, test scores, diplomas, and certificates. They must also provide the Board with a scope of practice guidelines and a proof of no criminal record.

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