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Becoming a Physician Assistant in Utah

Utah is home to just a little over 600 physician assistants.  Although the number is low, those interested in knowing how to become a physician assistant in Utah should note that Utah reported average salaries for physician assistants to be almost $6,000 higher than the national average.  The need for physician assistants is high in Utah and will continue to be so, especially in rural settings.  Despite the high demand for healthcare workers, America’s Health Rankings reported last year that Utah is one of the healthiest states in the country.  Most physician assistants in the state are employed in physician offices, working directly for licensed physicians; however others find work in general medical and surgical hospitals and outpatient care centers.  These medical industries are among the highest paying for physician assistants. 

Steps to Become a Physician Assistant in Utah

Potential physician assistants must file an application to obtain licensure through the State of Utah – Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.  All physician assistants must complete a physician assistant education program and become licensed in the state in which they wish to practice.  The following are the steps to take to obtain licensure in Utah: 

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree. 
  2. Gain experience in the medical field specifically focusing on hands-on patient care. 
  3. Attend an accredited physician assistant training program. 
  4. Complete a physician assistant training program and all required clinical training.
  5. Pass the three required examinations: NCCPA, Utah Physician Assistant Law and Rules Exam and Utah Controlled Substances Law and Rule Exam (The Utah State exams are take-at home exams). 
  6. Submit an application for licensure, along with all required documentation and fees to the State of Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. 

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