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Becoming a Physician Assistant in Wyoming

Step #1: Physician Assistant Licensing in Wyoming

Wyoming issues and renews all physician assistant state licenses from its Wyoming Board of Medicine. While there are several prerequisites to get licensure from the state so as to eligible for physician assistant jobs in Wyoming, one of the most recent changes is that all new applicant information must be submitted through the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS). This group is used to check all background information supplied by the applicant, as well as to verify the schooling and certifications of the student.

For those interested in knowing how to become a physician assistant in Wyoming there is a one-time application and license fee of $200. In addition, the license will be valid for one and the cost to renew it will be $100 each year.

State rules and regulations state that all students must graduate from an approved and accredited course before they can apply for a state license to become a physician assistant in Wyoming. The approved agency for accreditation is the LCME, or Liaison Committee on Medical Education.

The student is then responsible for taking and passing the test of the National Commission on Certification of the Physician Assistant (NCCPA). The FCVS will check on this to make sure that the test was taken and an acceptable score was given.
After all of these requirements have been met, a student is then able to pursue physician assistant jobs in Wyoming.

Step #2: Certification from the NCCPA

The PANCE test, or Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, is proctored by the NCCPA and is a requirement of all physician assistants in Wyoming. As stated above, you cannot get a license to practice in this state without it. This examination will help to determine which students are suitable for entry into the career, as well as test their knowledge and retention of what was learned from their educational applications.

The passing of the PANCE test signals that you, as a physician assistant, are competent and able to work in your profession. With that in mind, it will be allowable for you to use the designation of “PA-C”; which means Physician Assistant – Certified. This is a designation that all physician employers require and it identifies that you are certified.

What does a Physician Assistant Earn in Wyoming?

On average, a physician assistant in Wyoming can expect to earn $86,000.

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