How to Become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Indiana - IN

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Jobs in Indiana - IN

The process by which one becomes a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Indiana consists of just a few steps for existing registered nurses (RN). It is important to note that the practice of psychiatric nursing occurs at two levels – basic and advanced. Only advanced practice nurses (APNs) are authorized by the state’s Professional Licensing Agency to practice at an advanced level.

The steps to become an APN with psychiatric and mental health (PMH) training involve completion of an approved master’s level program, a current license to practice as an RN in Indiana, and passing of a national level certification examination offered by one of the recognized national agencies. For most RNs, enrolling in the master’s program is the first step of the process. The clinical component of the formal educational program is completed in a hospital/nursing home or similar facility.

According to a survey conducted on a population of basic and advanced psychiatric nursing professionals by Bowen Research Center, Indiana University School of Medicine in 2010, more than 30% of the nurses in the field were working at the advanced level. More than 50% of these advanced nurses had prescriptive authority as granted by Indiana law. About 42% of the respondents also mentioned that their primary work involved psychopharmacological interventions and more than 39% mentioned working in clinical supervision/education.

The Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana (CAPNI) mentions that at the current rate at which APNs are entering retirement, Indiana is going to need more nurses to take on the advanced roles these professionals are relied upon to perform.

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