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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that Florida has a higher concentration of social science employees, which covers the field of psychology, than all but three states in America: California, New York, and Texas. This should not be a surprise, considering that Florida is the fourth most populated state in the union. This should be of particular interest to those interested in knowing how to become a psychologist in Florida.

When it comes to the average wage of a social science employee, Florida is pretty average. At $27.09 per hour, this average is better than 24 states but behind 25 states and the District of Columbia. However, Florida’s social science employees make 39 percent more than the average employee in the state – a difference that is bigger than that of 31 states.

Overall, according to indeed.com, the average salary of a psychologist in Florida is about four percent lower than psychologists across the country. This four percent decline holds true for many specific psychological fields in Florida, including educational, clinical, criminal, and neuro psychology.

How to Become a Psychologist in Florida- Licensing Procedure

Applicants must also complete the licensure examination provided by the Florida Board of Psychology via the Florida Department of Health. Each applicant must complete the application form and submit an application fee. The application form can be found at http://www.doh.state.fl.us/Mqa/schoolpsych/ap_licensure.pdf. A rundown of fees is as follows:

Applicants must wait for approval from the Board before they can take the exam. When the board does approve the applicant, his or her name will be sent to the vendors of the exam, who will provide information on the proper exam scheduling method.

Before October 2000, applicants were required to score at least 70 percent on the exam, but since then, the ASPPB has suggested the cutoff score for each exam. The recommended cutoff score at the moment is a scaled score of 500.

The Board will close the application file of applicants who do not pass the psychology licensure exam and the Florida law and rules part of the exam. The Board will also close the application file of applicants who do not provide evidence of completion of their supervised postdoctoral experience within two years. However, applicants may apply for extensions beyond the two-year timeframe as approved by the Board.

Applicants who do not pass the exam but finish their required residency in postdoctoral training may practice psychology with supervision, provided that they follow the rules put forth by the Board, maintain a current application with the Board, and have not received a final denial order by the Board.

Applicants are not required to apply for an exam before beginning their post-doctoral supervised experience, but they may apply to take an exam before completing their experience. This allows applicants who comply with the education requirements of Florida to apply for the exam before they finish their experience requirements.

Note: Applicants who are currently licensed as psychologists in another state will not be able to transfer their license; they must reapply for a license in Florida.

Here is a rundown of application fees for psychologists in Florida:

Non-refundable application processing fee: $500
Initial licensure fee: $400
Florida rules and rules examination fee: $75
Unlicensed activity fee: $5

Florida Psychological Association
The Florida Psychological Association (FPA) is an organization of over 1,500 psychologists that allows its members the chance to contribute to the growth and progress of the profession of psychology in the state. Members also have the chance to correspond with their peers across Florida by partaking in local and statewide functions. The FPA offers continuing education workshops at reduced costs, home study courses, private practice consultations, discounted insurance programs, free referrals, and the chance to publish articles.

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